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Upcoming Classes and Massage Events

Upcoming Classes

If there are classes that you are interested in, please contact me at:    or      518-577-7171

Classes are typically offered in Berkshire County in MA and Albany and Rensselaer Counties in  NY.  If you are interested in classes outside of these areas... just let me know.  <3

The classes listed below are a small example of the types of classes that I commonly teach.

A General List of Classes:
Reiki I, II, and RMT
Auras & Chakras: What's, Why's and How's
Aura and Chakra Workshop
Increasing Your Intuition and Senses
Introduction to Intuitive Healing
Intuitive Healing: Delving a Bit Deeper
Healing Tools for Any Modality
Introduction to Shamanism
Various Shamanic Journey Classes
Shamanic Healing
Healing Circles
Guided Meditations
Altars and Sacred Space
Space Clearing
Grounding 101
Connecting with Your Spirit Guides
Dream Catcher Making
Wish Boxes and Intention


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